Destiny Unlocked by Tara Weeks (The Auberon Witches: Book 2)

Destiny Unlocked picks up hot on the heels of the first instalment in the Auberon Witches series with Addie, Cassie, and Selene passed out in some old ruins after being engulfed by mysterious, i.e. magical smoke. Addie gets separated when she wakes up and messes with an urn and finds herself pulled into a series of caverns. Meanwhile Cassie and Selene regroup and begin a search for their friend. Amongst this, each of the three's magical powers develop, and more questions around them emerge.

With no clear source of conflict or antagonist, it does seem that this, the second book in The Auberon Witches series, is still establishing the series premise. The sense of mystery and intrigue is great as the reader uncovers information along with the protagonists. There is great momentum to the plot as a result. There is excellent set up here for solid urban fantasy.

This novella is short and sweet. For a reader seeking a light read with breakneck pace, this is an ideal time killer.

Destiny Unlocked is definitely a piece of a whole rather than its own novella. The plot drives the reader to the hook of the next book. Which makes the ending unsatisfying; though a solid cliff hanger.

Destiny Unlocked would be suited for a reader seeking out a new series to read but not after anything heavy. The episodic style provides good escapism without getting bogged down in world building or heavy magic systems.

5/10 Provides good escapism without getting bogged down in world building or heavy magic systems

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