Shadowplay by Tad Williams (Shadowmarch Quartet: Book 2)

This is the second book in the Shadowmarch series and we see the continuation of the characters from the previous book as well as meeting new ones.

You will definitely need to read the first book to enjoy this one. Please do not read further than this first paragraph if you haven’t. Because the first book is setting the stage of this world, this book is far more enjoyable as we are now seeing more of the world rather than having the story set in Southmarch and Xand we now see more of the Shadowlands, Hierosol (where we finally meet King Olin), Syan as well as the previous places from the first book.

This book is based around journeys: Briony Eddon is now on the run from Southmarch with no way of knowing where to go or how to solve her problems, but this is a good thing as she also has to grow up and experience the world as others do rather than the princess regent. Barrick Eddon is behind the Shadowline with Ferras Vansen on a journey of discovery, although he doesn’t grow in character as much as Briony both characters are less annoying as they are thrown into action that they would never have previously experienced. Qinnitan is also on the run from Xand and arrives in Hierosol only to meet Olin Eddon, who is being held prisoner there and we start to understand how she could be important as well as connected to the Eddon's.

The secondary characters in the series are also not forgotten and keep continuity with the first book going so that we still know what is happening at Southmarch castle while the main protagonists are off to places unknown.

We learn a lot more of the gods and their stories and why the Qar are at war with Southmarch as well as the Autarch’s plans which are not fully revealed but are being unveiled.

The gods in this book are similar in nature the Greek or Egyptian Gods with wars between brothers which have consequences to this day. This is an engaging world and I cannot wait to see where the next two books will lead.

10/10 An engaging world and I cannot wait to see where the next two books will lead.

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