Trolltooth Wars by Steve Jackson (Fighting Fantasy)

This graphic novel tells the story of two powerful and evil sorcerers, Balthus Dire and Zharradan Marr (who once trained together). They go to war with each other and this in turn covers the realm in carnage and pits fantastical creatures such as the Ganjees, Orcs and Rhino-men against each other. The hero, Chagga Darkmane, has to prevent wholescale bloodshed and end that war by whatever means and no matter whose help he has to enlist.

The Fighting Fantasy books are having a revival at the moment with the production of a brand new story as well as the relaunch of the classic ones. Accordingly, the graphic novel adaptation of the Trolltooth Wars novel which was originally written by Steve Jackson in 1989 (which comes from the Fighting Fantasy world) comes at exactly the right time. This amazingly created book was adapted from the original by PJ Montgomery and stunningly illustrated by Gavin Mitchell and was funded by way of a Kickstarter project. 

The adaptation is fast paced and action packed, Montgomery selects the highlights of the novel it is based on perfectly which gives the narrative pace. The illustrations are stunning interpretations of the story and the vivid and colourful depictions of the various monsters of Allansia capture the spirit of the original fighting fantasy books perfectly. I was thrilled that the Trolltooth Wars was chosen for such an adaptation and delving into the backgrounds of the two infamous sorcerers was a great choice.

My particular favourite was the heroes visiting a certain resident of Firetop Mountain (from the original gamebook) and meeting some of the challenges that were previously depicted there in the first ever Fighting Fantasy gamebook.

The book also contains some the sketches of various characters and monsters to show how the illustration process took shape.

This version of the Trolltooth Wars is a must have for any fans of the original and indeed for fans of the Fighting Fantasy books in general and puts well illustrated and vivid face to the denizens of Allansia.

Let’s hope more quality adaptations follow. Personally my vote goes to Deathtrap Dungeon!

10/10 A must have for any fans of the original and indeed for fans of the Fighting Fantasy books

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