Crime Team: Skull Island by Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore

9/10 The 2 Steves have done it again.

There are many new adventure books where you fight fantasy monsters and other foes, but Crime Team is different - this is "an adventure where you crack the case". There are decisions that have to be made if you want to solve the crime and each section of the book is numbered, and at the end of each paragraph you will be asked to make a choice out of three possible options, and if you do well you will get the clues, but one wrong move could send you right back to the start.

According to the book, you are the leader of Crime Team on the International Police Federation based in NYC. You have cracked cases before, some of them high profile ones, where you made enemies who might want to see you dead. There are many people featured in the book, your boss, Commander Tucker, comes across as all attitude and takes no lip, your sidekick, Leon Perez is the muscle and does the tasks you're not cut out to do. Dr Anusha Das, a forensic pathologist who can "establish the time and cause of death of a victim" and has "extensive knowledge of poisons and diseases". Sun Lin is a forensic scientist who knows all about DNA, finger printing and other techniques and has a photographic memory. Darius ("Bugs") is a computer expert who is a genius at hacking, data and retrieval and electronic surveillance. He is also an expert in using computers to help with HID (Human Identification at a Distance.) Todd Blackwood is a profiler who can "get inside" the minds of criminals and predict what they will do next.

During the latest case, Isaac Wolfberg, chairman and MD of Wolfberg Associate Products (WASP) a giant global media company is found dead on Skull Island, his private residence on the Caribbean. The leader of Crime Team and the rest of the team are told to go over to Skull Island to investigate the cause of death, whether it was natural causes, or murder. The clues and evidence are there and there are two main suspects, but who is the killer... that is if it is really a murder case?

The 2 Steves have done it again - created a fun case that you will want to crack.

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