The Wolf's Hour by Robert McCammon

Here is something that should appeal to fans of thrillers and horror. Author Robert R McCammon has masterfully blended the two genres by creating his central character Michael Gallatin, a Russian immigrant now living in Wales working for British Intelligence as an agent during the Second World War.

The action moves from the theatre of war: North Africa and Europe then back to Gallatin’s upbringing in Russia. In this way the narrative keeps the reader hooked on his exciting and daring mission to find another agent with information vital to the Allied war effort whilst simultaneously informing the reader of the events and experiences that shaped him.

As the title suggests Gallatin is no ordinary individual, he is in fact a werewolf! This makes the novel interesting and original, what could have been a standard ‘boys own’ war story is given a dark supernatural twist with a hero who uses his powers to assist him with his dangerous mission.

As the story unfolds it is clear that Gallatin will need all of his wits and years of experience to draw on as well as his abilities. There are also some colourful side-kicks to help him along the way as well as plenty of mysterious and alluring women.

The villains he finds himself up against are particularly nasty and include a sadistic game hunter, a high ranking officer and a scientist all sympathetic to the Nazi cause. With D-Day imminent and everything riding on the Allied invasion being a success Gallatin and his friends must foil the Nazi’s sinister plans known only as ‘Iron Fist.’

This novel kept me hooked throughout and it works on both levels as a wartime thriller and horror story. McCammon has the same prose style as James Bond creator Ian Fleming so everything is given a vivid immediacy. It so easily could have entered the realms of farce but McCammon’s execution and literary skill ensures that this is a first rate thriller with a nicely handled twist. I highly recommend adding this original thrill-fest to your Kindle collection.


First Published 1989 by The McCammon Corporation 
This Edition Published 2011 by Open Road Integrated Media 
ISBN: 978-1-4532-3218-7

9/10 A first rate thriller with a nicely handled twist.

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from Springfield MA

Can't wait for the next book in this series. I'll own it as soon as it's out. Great author !!!
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9.4/10 from 2 reviews

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