The Spirit Eater by Rachel Aaron (The Legend of Eli Monpress: Book 3)

With the pressure on after his success in Gaol, Eli Monpress, professional thief and degenerate, decides it's time to lie low for a bit. Taking up residence in a tiny seaside village, Eli and his companions seize the chance for some fun and relaxation. Nico, however, is finding it a bit hard. Plagued by a demon's voice in her head and feeling powerless, she only sees herself as a burden. Everyone's holiday comes to an untimely close, though, when Pele arrives to beg Eli's help for finding her missing father. But there are larger plans afoot than even Eli can see, and the real danger, and the solution, may lie with one of his own and her forgotten past. If only Nico could remember whose side she's on.

What sets The Spirit Eater apart from the first two books in the series is that Eli is not planning to steal or rob someone for his own gain. Instead, he is now trying to save a good friend, but even in this he is looking for ways in which he can also benefit. This proved to be a good book, I must say it is the best in the series  yet so far, but you must have read the first two book in order to fully appreciate it.

Eli was the main focal point in The Spirit Thief, in The Spirit Rebellion it was Miranda, and now, in The Spirit Eater we find the spotlight on Nico. Nico remained rather obscure in the first two books, and although she sometimes voiced her needs or opinions she was always in the background. I was pleased to find that some of the many questions I had concerning her were finally being answered and I was able to further understand what it meant to be demonseed and the struggles that it entailed.

The Spirit Rebellion lifted the series to another level, in regards of character development and storytelling and The Spirit Eater further enhances these all important areas. Aaron shows that Eli has a compassionate side, and that deep down he does care for others besides himself. This book also unearths a darker side to the whole Legend of Eli Monpress and whereas first two books featured a light-hearted tone, the events that slowly evolve in The Spirit Eater have a much deeper and more sinister feel to them.

Again there were scenes that made me grin from ear to ear and the humour that Aaron puts into Eli’s actions and dialogue is spot on and fits perfectly with the story. Eli is now one of my favourite characters in the fantasy genre. There are many questions being answered but even more being raised and I’m very curious to see how the author will maintain the suspense in the last two books and what the climax will be. Rachel Aaron has created an excellent and solid foundation in the first three books and I hope that she keeps up this high standard - using her excellent writing style and witty dialogue - to create that one big final job for Eli. The Legend of Eli Monpress is a top series, one of the very best I have ever read and The Spirit Eater is a must read.

10/10 The Legend of Eli Monpress is a top series, one of the very best I have ever read.

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