Soul Desire by LA Weatherly (Soul Mates Trilogy #2)

L.A. Weatherly's first book was Child X and short listed for the Sheffield, Leicester and Red House Book Awards and also chosen for a 'Quick Pick for Relevant Readers' by the American Library Association. Her Angel series won critical success and also won the Leeds Book Award in 2011.

Soul Mates was the first in a three part novel trilogy about Iris and Nate, two people who met each other, but should not have as they are from different timelines. She is from modern day while he lives in the 1920s. Before they only met each other in dreams, but in the first novel they met for real and someone wants to destroy their happiness forever.

Book two is Soul Desire, while book three, called Soul Song is due for release in August of this year. Iris wants to be with Nate and has a thought that she could got to his house and live with him, but it's not that simple. When Iris goes with him, she finds she is in his time but if she goes to his parents’ house, she thinks they might not want her around. The thought of not being wanted is enough to make anyone sad, but it's even worse when it's his parents. When Nate and her climb the gate, they get separated, and she is left to find him, thinking that Sybil has had a hand in keeping Nate from her. What she discovers is more than she can handle as it seems in this new reality, no one knows who Nate is. It is as if he never existed.

In this the second in the series by L.A. Weatherly Iris confronts her new reality searching for clues to find her lover, but every way she turns, there are none until one day. Then she has no doubt that he is real and still alive. The first novel was a thrill to read, easy to understand as I got a feel for the characters. In Soul Desire the love the characters feel for each other is ramped up a notch as is the mystery and intrigue. When Iris had met him in the first book, she risks losing Nate forever in the second and she can only find him by piecing together all the clues she finds.

9/10 The love the characters feel for each other is ramped up a notch as is the mystery and intrigue.

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