Abhorsen by Garth Nix (The Abhorsen Chronicles: Book 3)

Lirael and Sameth have reached the safety of the Abhorsens House after fleeing from Necromancer Hedge and his dead minions. Now trapped by his agent Chlorr and many Dead Hands, Lirael and Sam must find a way to warn the King and Abhorsen of the mounting danger their subjects face in the Old Kingdom and the real threat this new evil 'The Destroyer' will bring to every living thing. Together with Mogget and The Disreputable Dog, Lirael and Sam must find a way to save Sam's friend Nick, now an unwitting puppet of Hedge, and the Southerling refugees from a fate much worse than death. Our heroine must also face her past as well as her future if she is to succeed in her quest to put an end to this very grave foe who's only desire is to end all life and the Charter itself.

"Two of them were in the House.One was a young woman, who had been sent south by the witches who lived in the glacier-clad mountain at the Ratterlin's source. The Clayr, who Saw many futures in the ice, and who would certainly try to twist the present to their own ends. The woman was one of their elite mages, easily identified by the coloured waistcoat she wore. A red waistcoat, marking her as a Second Assistant Librarian. The maker of the fog had seen her, black haired and pale skinned, surely no older than twenty, a mere figernail sliver of an age. She had heard the young woman's name, called out in desperate battle. Lirael. The other complication was better known, and possible more trouble, though the evidence was conflicting. A young man, hardly more than a boy, curly haired from his father, black eyebrowed from his mother, and tall from both. His name was Sameth, the royal son of King Touchstone and the Abhorsen Sabriel."
Chapter 1: Lirael

A gripping third and final installment in the Abhorsen Trilogy that sees Lirael finally finding answers to her questions with the ever present and rather wonderful Disreputable Dog always by her side. It's a wonderful read and whilst it may not have quite as many twists and turns in the plot as 'Lirael' there are some wonderful secrets revealed and the story keeps its tremendous pace without taking a breath from it's predecessor. A very accomplished trilogy that has been very enjoyable to read, although I would disagree with the target age of 10+ and feel it would be best suited to a more mature 12+. They are lovely books and handle quite a difficult subject matter with a real sensitivity and a positive outlook, though there are some very dark moments that may frighten younger readers. Very readable and perfect for the bedside table, if you don't spook easily!

10/10 Very readable and perfect for the bedside table, if you don't spook easily!

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I have read this book many times before and every time it is an amazing experience
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This is an amazing book. I love it, it has great insights on death and what is beyond it.
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