Deep Into The Heart of a Rose by GT Denny (Book of Broken Bindings: Book 1)

A Tolkien inspired romantic fantasy that all starts with an extremely loving and well written letter… G.T. Denny’s novel, Deep Into The Heart Of A Rose, will help usher in a new generation of love sick teens.

The first novel in the Book of Broken Bindings series starts in the quiet and simple town of Vale as the book's main character, Mr Edward T. Cozzlebottom, writes an intensely beautiful letter to his neighbour, Ezmerelda Wimbish - a rose loving recluse who lives next door - citing his intentions of romantic interest. Unfortunately, Wimbish has felt an urge to change her reclusive ways and leaves town whilst, unbeknownst to Cozzlebottom, the letter has been stolen by an evil Iron Rider who travels in shadow on a metal horse. When Cozzlebottom discovers that Wimbish has left without a goodbye he heads off into the unknown with his good friend Eddy to find her.

From here we are shown into Denny’s fantasy world of the Outlands, the Great Dorianic Forest, the Bruste Mountains and Western Hills. There is a map at the start of the novel to help guide you as things can get a little confusing at times. On their separate journeys all three characters face danger and peril, where children's fairy tales become a monstrous reality, and they end up in a fight for time and light. All this builds up to a satisfying end that left me wanting more.

The characters are so well detailed and likeable that even if the story were rubbish (which fortunately for us it isn’t!) the level of detail in the character's movements, actions and speech would be enough. Denny paints a perfect picture in the reader's mind of what these characters look like and how they are going to react to certain situations that arise throughout the story.

Story-wise the pace does start off a little slow. but this is expected with any new world and characters and by the time things get moving you really appreciate the time and effort that Denny takes to properly introduce the characters and the intricate details that occur again later in the story.

If you love fantasy and adventure fiction then this book is for you. Well written, charmingly detailed and epic, this truly is a must read for 2012.


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9/10 Well written, charmingly detailed and epic.

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from iIdia

Just awsome...
10/10 ()

from Brazil

I am a lover of reading and highly recommend this book to be a fantastic book.
10/10 ()

from Florida

Gave it to my 12-year-old granddaughter, and she loves it!
9/10 ()

from Brazil

It is a book with a romantic fantasy that all starts with an extremely loving and well written letter... It is a good book and I recommend...
10/10 ()

from Alabama

Loved the way this book kept my attention. Could not stop reading.
9/10 ()

9.5/10 from 6 reviews

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