An interview with Lauren Kate

Lauren Kate, author of Fallen,Torment and the recently published Passion, kindly took some time out from her hectic schedule to speak to Snjezana Bobic.

The Fallen series has been a successful hit for you; did you expect such a following?

I'm humbled and honoured everyday by the connections I make with my readers. No, sitting alone at my computer writing Fallen, I never imagined I'd have readers all around the world.

Who and what inspires you to write as you do?

Mostly it's relationships that inspire me. I'm a great spy and eavesdropper and have been known to follow a couple around a street corner just to hear another line from their argument. I like to observe the way strangers interact with the people with whom they are intimate--mothers and daughters, lovers, old friends.

With the books being translated into thirty different languages, does it make the writing experience more diverse and exciting?

Having travelled to a lot of countries to promote the books by now, I am aware of the unique ways a reader in Italy might respond to a certain kind of scene, compared to the way an Australian reader might respond to the same scene. Travelling opens your mind, which is always a welcome thing for a writer.

We are aware that the Fallen Series is being turned into a movie series, do you think it will be more successful then the books themselves?

I'm looking forward to the movie--movies always tend to bring a larger audience to the books, which is exactly what a writer wants.

With the tour, what are hoping to achieve?

I got so much joy and inspiration out of this Passion tour. I loved it. I feel as if I have the nicest, coolest readers in the world. I'm heading back to my computer fuelled to write another book.

You have a devoted fan base, what would you like to say to them?

Thank you for falling with me!

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